Directions to GlowHouse

In the Columbia Heights Neighborhood of  Washington, DC  +1 202.670.8728 we are on WhatsApp   Walk Score   Twitter

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   How to come visit:

Ridesharing (Taxi Alternative):

   Both Lyft and Uber will pick you up anyplace in the city including Airports and take you to the GlowHouse.  GlowHouse is in Google Maps -- search for it by name.

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Use Trip Planner for specific Metrorail/Metrobus schedules and walking instructions.

  • metro Metrorail: Columbia Heights Station, on the Green and Yellow lines. As you exit the turnstiles, the only option while the other escalator bank is under repair is to take the escalator to your left,  which will take you to the SouthWestcorner of 14th Street and Irving.  Cross 14th Street to go down the only street that has houses on it. You'll see a CVS on the other side of Irving. Take your first left onto 13th at the Church of Christ, and the house is the first house on your left, in green and white.
  • metro Metrobus:
    • 52,53,54: 14th Street Line (on 14th St.) [PDF]
    • H1:Brookland-Potomac Park Line (on Irving St.) [PDF]
    • H2,H3,H4: Crosstown Line (on Irving St.) [PDF]
    • H5,H7: Columbia Heights-Pleasant Line (on Irving St.) [PDF]
    • H8: Park Road-Brookland Line (on 14th St.) [PDF]
    • S1,S2,S3: 16th Street Line (on 16th St.) [PDF]
  • Helicopter: Land in the ball field of the Harriet Tubman Elementary School directly across the street.
  • Bike:  Ride your bike to the house and lock it up along the black fence or to the railings. If you're by yourself, you might see if you can bring the house inside, we sometimes have room for you.
  • Automobile:
    • From I-66, the West (Easy Directions):  Travelling East on Interstate 66, after you cross the Memorial bridge veer to your right onto Constitution. Go 10 blocks and then take a left on 14th street. Go about 25 blocks up 14th street, through Logan Circle, and take a right on Irving. Take your first left on 13th Street, and the house is on your left next to the church. The East-West streets of DC are letters of the alphabet, followed by two-syllable names, followed by three syllable names. Irving is a two-syllable name, and Constitution is just above the "center" of the city, so you'll be driving through most all of the lettered streets (C Street NW through W Street NW), followed by Clifton,Euclid,Fairmont,Girard,Harvard,Columbia, and then finally Irving Street. After crossing Irving the house will be on your left.
    • From I-66, the West (Faster Directions):  These directions cannot be used on weekdays (except holidays) between 6:30 a.m. -9:00 a.m. as traffic on Rock Creek Parkway all goes the opposite direction for rush hour. Travelling East on Interstate 66, as you cross the Memorial bridge stay in your furthest left lane. Continue to stay to your left as you take the next three exits or turns until you get to traffic lights. Once you get to traffic lights, take right turns such that you end up on the Rock Creek Parkway. Continue on Rock Creek Parkway for about 10 minutes, staying to the right, and take the first exit after going through the tunnel. The exit is the zoo exit. Once you're at the top of this exit, get in the left lane and take a left on to the main road, not into the zoo. Proceed up the road and at the first light, take a hard, hard right turn, a hairpin turn onto Irving street. Proceed up the hill, cross Mt. Pleasant, 16th Street, 15th Street, 14th street and take a left onto 13th street. The house will be on your left next to the church.
    • From I-270, the North:   Travelling South on I-270, Exit East on I-495 towards Silver Spring. Go three exits to the first Georgia Avenue exit. Travel on Georgia Avenue through three lights and exit right to 16th street. Continue down 16th street for quite a distance until you get to Irving. Take a left on Irving, go three blocks to 13th street, where you will take a left and find the house is on your left.
    • From Virginia, I-95, I-395, coming from the South:   Travelling North on I-95, get on to I-395. Take I-395 until you see Route 1 North, which will be in your left two lanes after you cross the bridge. (Don't take Route 1 south). You'll now be on 14th street. Take 14th Street up through to Irving street (see commentary below about street names in DC). Take a right on Irving, and then a left on 13th street. The house will be on your left.
    • From Southern Maryland, Rt 2, Rt 4, Rt 301:  Travelling North on Rt 4, exit on to Rt 301 North and take it to Rt 50.  Merge Right on to Rt 50 West and take it to South Dakota Ave exit.  Proceed on South Dakota and take a left on Monroe St.  Monroe Street Dead Ends at Michican Ave where you will take a soft Left on to it.  Take a right on Irving Street, then take a right on Kenyon Street, then Left onto 13th Street where the GlowHouse will be. 
    • From I-95, the East:   Travelling South on Interstate 95, you will arrive at I-495. Go West on I-495 towards Silver Spring. Your first exit will be New Hampshire Ave. Head South towards Tacoma Park, which is the second exit out of two. You will stay on New Hampshire for just under 25 minutes. This road is a bit tricky, and long. After about 10-15 minutes of being on it, you'll go through a little jog where you take a left on some other road and then an immediate right back on to New Hampshire. Next you will hit a traffic circle, just catch New Hampshire on the direct opposite side. Continue on New Hampshire and cross over Georgia Avenue.  Shortly after you cross Georgia and then Spring Rd, you will veer slightly to the right at this point on to Park Road. Go 1-1/2 blocks where you'll take a left on to 13th. (There is no 12th street in this part of DC). Go another 2-1/2 blocks and the house is on your right.
    • From Route 50, the East:   Travelling West on Rt. 50, take the South Dakota Avenue exit. Continue North, crossing over Rhode Island Ave, and take a left on Monroe St. Proceed on Monroe St. until it dead ends at Michigan Ave, , where you will take a soft left. Go through two lights on Michigan and exit right onto Irving Street. Irving Street exits off to Kenyon Street to the right. Go four blocks, across Warder, Sherman, Georgia, 11th and then take a left onto 13th street, and the house will be on your right at the end of the first block.
  • Getting to 66 from the house (Fast Directions):
    • These directions cannot be used weekdays between 3:30 pm-6:30 pm as traffic on Rock Creek Parkway all goes the opposite direction. From 13th, take a left on Kenyon heading West. Proceed across 14th, where the road will turn into Park Rd and continue, crossing 16th street, Mt. Plesant, and 18th street. At the next traffic light, take a soft left turn onto Klingle Road. At the next trafffic light, veer to your right where you'll see a mural along the side of the road. Take your first right exit after the mural ends and stay right, taking a right yield onto Beach Drive. Proceed through the tunnel and up the hill where you will take a soft left at the stop sign onto Rock Creek Parkway. Proceed along Rock Creek Parkway, staying in your left most lane, until you get to a traffic light where you take a left turn. Take an immediate left at the next intersection and go straight through the light. Once past the gas station, stay to your right, taking the next exit which will put you on the Memorial bridge and put you on I-66.
  • From the Bus/Train Station - Union Station
    • The Bus and Train station are both at Union Station.  To get from Union Station to the Glowhouse, take the Red Line Metro for two stops to Gallery Place/Chinatown, and transfer to either the Green or Yellow Line heading in the direction of Greenbelt/Ft. Totten.  Go Four stops to Columbia Heights and then walk 1 block down the street with houses on it, take a left on 13th and you'll be at the Glowhouse.
  • Bus
    • Sign up for a bus trip at
    • Go to Union Station and take the Red Line Metro to Gallery Place, transfer to the Green or Yellow Line and come up to the Columbia Heights Station, see walking directions above.
  • Airplane
    • Easiest:  Reagan National Airport (DCA):  Once you've arrived, take the Yellow Line towards Ft. Totten, and get off at the Columbia Heights Station.
    • Sort of Easy:  Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI):  Take the B30 Bus from BWI to the Greenbelt Metro Station.  From there, take the metro to Columbia Heights.
    • Not as Easy:  Dulles Airport (IAD): Take the 5A Bus from IAD to the L'enfant Plaza Metro Station. From there, Take the Green or Yellow Line to Columbia Heights.  Or use Supershuttle.