Bernie Sanders 2020 Kickoff

Come together with your friends, family, and neighbors to join our historic campaign to defeat Trump and transform America. Join us on April 27th to hear from Senator Sanders about our vision and what it’s going to take to complete the political revolution. This is a grassroots campaign, and we hope to get Senator Bernie elected without the help of large corporations or big pharma!


Here's the overall agenda, so there's no surprises!


1) Introductions: We'll go around and introduce ourselves and why we are supporting Senator Sanders.  If you don't want to speak, just feel free to say your name and what you do!  No worries :)

2) Watch a live video of Senator Bernie giving his plans for his grassroots campaign.

3) Information about how to campaign for Bernie - door-to-door, flyers, conversations with friends and family, as well as a sign up for those that are interested in getting more information.


Tea and snacks will be provided.  Feel free to bring anything to share.

This event is open to the public.  

Signup link available at 


*The GlowHouse is a intentional group house in Columbia Heights, Washington, DC that hosts a community of holistic practitioners, burners, and meditators. We are avid couch surfing hosts and love to treat our minds and bodies well.

** Please note that hosting this event does not reflect the political views of the GlowHouse community.  


Thank you!


Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 14:00