A Self-Inquiry into Belonging, Relations, Community

We will focus on understanding your dynamics in belonging. Being part of a community (however small it might be) is our basic need. What holds us back? Belonging is relevant whenever at least two people are involved. In your self-discovery journey, you can concentrate on couple, friendship, family, or any type of community. Either existing ot wished for. Whatever is alive and needs your attention at the moment. We will do journaling and sharing exercises in a cozy, informal atmosphere. The content of the workshop is inspired by the writings of M. Scott Peck.

Donations are welcome if you feel called (cash or online transfer after the workshop). Making my work accessible to people is both my dream and my commitment and you can help me on this path.

Kasia is an independent scholar and workshop leader. She publishes on alternative economy, non-digital peer production, food and health in the political and economic context, universal basic income, and collective autonomy. She analyzes psychological and emotional aspects of modern and post-capitalist society.



Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 19:00