Human Connection: a basic ingredient for co-operative revolution

We need to flex our social muscles regularly because it is so easy to get out of practice in the world of screens. The capitalist system and modernity condition us into prefering individualist path and patterns. How to overcome this tendency and pave a ground for more successful cooperation to create alternatives to the current system? Practice and increasing self-awareness seems to be the only effective solution.

In the workshop, we will look at the complexity of human interaction with the help of practical exercises. In a playful way, we will develop awareness of our mechanisms and emotions. We will work with guided rumination, sharing, and experimenting in pairs.

This is a personal growth workshop suitable for anyone, no experience required. Playing together will give you a refreshing perspective on your daily life, relations, and professional or activist projects.

Donations are welcome if you feel called (cash or online transfer after the workshop). Making my work accessible to people is both my dream and my commitment and you can help me on this path.

Kasia is an independent scholar and workshop leader. She publishes on alternative economy, non-digital peer production, food and health in the political and economic context, universal basic income, and collective autonomy. She analyzes psychological and emotional aspects of modern and post-capitalist society.


Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 19:00